Millennials vs. Gen X Review

When this season was first teased back in May, I predicted it was going to be the most obnoxious season yet. It certainly had the potential to do so. I mean, you all saw the preview, right? If you didn’t, don’t stress, it’s pretty much exactly the same as the first five minutes of the premeire episode. The Millennials never shut up about their status, and the Gen Xers acted even more childish than the Millennials they looked down on. Thank god the entire season didn’t turn out like this.

It’s amazing that I ended up liking the season when I was sure I was going to hate it. In one sense, this season ended up being almost a complete 180 from my initial impression. There is still much wrong with this season, but I do think the positives outshine the negatives.

It’s weird saying this after criticizing this aspect pre-season, but I really think the best part of Millennials vs. Gen X was its cast, specifically its Final Six. Every single one of them had a genuine winner’s story, and even though we already knew who the real contenders were, it was still great to watch. In fact, all of the merge episodes were like that, even if we could’ve used some much better people there. Not really a fan of the pre-merge boot order. Two people were robbed and everyone sucks for voting them out, but I’m not pointing any fingers.

If I had one major complaint about this season, it would be the editing. The game may have been unpredictable, but it was so goddamn predictable! Simply put, the editors had no idea how to keep a secret this season. I’m not even talking about Adam, I’m talking about the individual eliminations. Every single vote of the pre-merge, I knew who was going home. It got even worse with the last two votes of the pre-merge, where one exchange of dialogue at the reward challenge meant the end of Figgy (I love you, Adam) and Michaela (I hate you, Jay [for now]). They did get better later on, but after 16 years, I expected better jobs than this. Still beats Caramoan’s editing.

Now it’s time for my long-awaited discussion of our winner, Adam Klein. Look, I like Adam a lot, I’m very happy he won, even if he had me doubting his gameplay at some points. But seriously, we all saw it coming, even with David and Hannah’s equally convincing winner’s edits. His story has already been told before, in Worlds Apart and Cambodia. It’s Jeremy’s family motivation and some of Mike’s occasionally unscrupulous tactics, but with both turned up to eleven. I’m only going to explain this once: Adam’s social game was awful. The way he “apologized” Taylor and Jay at the turn of the merge almost turned me away from him. Now, admittedly, this wasn’t nearly as bad as Holloway’s blunders in the Auction episode, but the thing about that was Mike was the only person who could’ve won at that time, so they were just setbacks. But when you make stupid decisions while you have someone like David around… yeah, I kinda start to doubt you.

But look, I can’t hate on Adam for a few bad decisions, and even if the story about his mom may have helped him win the game unanimously, I still think he was the best player of the season, just like his predecessors Mike and Jeremy. All in all, Millennials vs. Gen X gets a thumbs-up from me. I was wrong about this season, but hear me out: Game Changers is, in fact, going to suck. Good luck proving me wrong next time.

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